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About Us:

    Chemplat—a Chemicals Supplier and Custom Chemicals Expert of China: Supplying Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients(API), Agrochemicals, Dyes and Pigments, Flavors and Fragrances, Biochemicals, Polymers and so on.

     As an important branch of Shanghai Xunxin Chemical Co., Ltd., Chemplat is based on chemical products synthesizing and trading. We can provide ten thousands of general chemicals and thousands of bio-chemicals from milligram to kilogram scale. We also can provide custom synthesis, manufacture for non-stock items upon request.

     We have more than 12 R&D personnel with chemistry bachelor's degree or above, among them there are 3 R&D specialist with Ph. D. with decades of experiences in synthesizing fine chemicals and medicines Our R&D center is consisted of six synthesis labs, one scale-up pilot labs and one analysis and test center. We can not only do ordinary chemical experiments, but also go on most of severe-reactions: high pressure reactions such as high pressure hydrogenation, anhydrous reactions, high / low / ultra-low temperature reactions and so on. Besides, we can also manufacture the products in our GMP workshop in kilogram to ton scale according to client’s requests. In our analysis and test center, we have several HPLC and other useful analysis equipments. We can complete the quantity assay and structure identification of most chemicals quickly.

     Now, Chemplat has been a preferred business partner to many international companies. We’ll provide good products, solutions and services to improve your efficiency and effectiveness, reduce your risks and maximize your benefits when you order chemicals through us from China. We have won a steady international market in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and other areas.

    We are in the strongest position ever to provide our customers with high quality products, professional services and added value. As a developing and prosperous company, we'd like to share our high-quality products and our experience with everyone in the world.


Shanghai Xunxin Chemical Co., Ltd.

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